concrete table tennis table
concrete table tennis table
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Concrete Table Tennis Tables

Concrete table tennis tables are proving a big hit in schools and parks.  It must be the only sport that can bring dog walkers, footballers and skateboarders playing together.  It's only £2 to buy a couple of bats and you are away...   You don't need to be a fitness freak to have fun.  Its a great start to a more active lifestyle.  Have fun and exercise.  


Concrete Tables by their robust nature will deter unwanted vandals.  Our secret?  .... our concrete table tennis tables weigh a ton... well 1.2 ts to be exact, which makes them pretty theft resistant too!


Concrete is the best material for outdoor tables.  It does not warp, it is weatherproof and is durable.    


We make our tables to the ITT International Competition Size. This gives a height of 760mm which is perfect for wheel chair users, however we do recommend reducing this height for Key Stage 1 school age children.  We can do rounded corners as well as the square corners.


We cast our tables with colour pigment in the concrete. Most people choose Red or Green as these blend well in most park environments, but we can do a wide range of bespoke concrete colours. We can also supply the table painted to whichever colour you choose, plain grey or polished to look like marble.


We make the net from concrete, stainless steel or galvanised steel. Neither rust or require any maintenance.  At 6mm it can not be bent by hand. 


The whole table is designed for tough urban conditions. It is vandal and theft resistant, protected with a sealer to make graffiti removal easy and practically maintenance free.


We recommend a clear space of 8m by 4m for each table. This can be reduced for our smaller players.  


When placed outdoors, the surrounding surface could be left simply grassed.  In areas of high use and on wetter ground we recommend that the ends are protected with play safety mats, or a hard surface such as tarmac or paving slabs.


Our tables are made here in the UK.  You support British Industry and save money! 

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Our latest bespoke concrete table tennis table.  This is both a table for the office party and a great way to have fun playing table tennis during your lunch break!

Scooter Parks

Nearly every kid under 10 now has a scooter.  While some are happy descending a 6 foot half pipe, most kids would prefer something a little less scary!  With this in mind we have recently introduced a range of precast concrete scooter parks for younger children to practice on.  This has evolved out of our design and build, of outdoor skateparks.  During consultation several groups have advocated banning the younger scooter kids from the parks as the scooter riders do not consider other users and have not yet the maturity to participate in the etiquette required.   Rather than ban we think they need their own space where they can practice safely while developing the skills and maturity needed to use the skateparks (which historically were built for ages 12+)


Scoot over here for bespoke skatepark or scooter park design.

Climbing boulders

For a great range of iconic climbing hand holds.


Our Climbing Boulders can be found around the whole country and cater for all: from kids in trainers to serious rock fiends.  Boulders can be made any size or shape you like and allow many users to climb at one time.  No ropes are required - and no long wait as each climber ascends and descends.  Placed outside they are always open, and totally weatherproof.


We can also do traversing walls with our own bespoke bolt on holds.  This is a relatively inexpensive way of introducing climbing to kids as these can either bolt directly to an existing wall, or be fixed to a bespoke plywood wall.  The plywood comes with 27 holes per m2 which gives you plenty of scope to reposition the holds to make a different climbing wall every week!


Want to know more about our business and the services we provide?  Learn more about our company's origins and dedicated team. Get detailed information on all our concrete sports: skateparks or climbing walls. We're looking forward to helping you!


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