concrete table tennis table
concrete table tennis table
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Dimensions of Our Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Dimensions are to International Competition Size:


Concrete Table


2740mm Long

1525mm Wide

760mm High




152.5mm Wigh (That's exactly 6 inches!)

6mm Thick

1525 Wide (No overhang unless requested)


Height of Table


730mm is the standard height.  We can set the table at a lower height for younger players.  We recommend 620mm for primary schools.


Free area Around the table


Ideally a space 8m by 4m is recommended for each outdoor table but this can be comfortably reduced to 6m by 3m for social playing.


3m of clear air space is required above the table.  We do not recommend siting immediately below trees.




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We design and manufacture all our tables in the UK

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