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concrete table tennis table
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Precast Concrete Modules

"There is nothing smoother than a precast half pipe"


Some people knock pre cast concrete ramps as an inferior product. This is not the case.  Precast concrete should be compared to metal or wooden modular ramps. 


Precast may not be as flexible in design as spray but for £25K you can have a decent local skatepark that will last,


But you do have to make sure you choose the right kind of pre cast ramp and the right method of installation.


We started manufacturing pre cast ramps after extensive design and feasibility studies.

Our pre cast ramps offer unrivalled accuracy and smoothness.

Over time we've found our pre cast ramps to be more cost effective than spray concrete for clients who have small to medium sized budgets.


We offer a 15 year guarantee on our pre cast ramps which is 3 xs more than any other supplier.

Warwick University conducted independent tests on our ramps and gave them a life expectancy of 46 years.

We do not ship the ramps in from Europe, saving the customer money and reducing our carbon foot print

We are the only company that produce our own pre cast ramps, in our own UK based factory giving us far greater control on the quality of finish.

Often imported European castings are actually a type of a polymer concrete.

Our ramps are constructed using RC50 concrete which is the strongest out there.


All other companies offering pre cast, place the ramps directly on top of a prepared tarmac or concrete skate surface. Their ramps will then have a metal spacer fitted at the toe of the ramp which over time can become damaged and require replacement.

Metal spacers also generate a great deal of noise during use.


We have always installed our ramps differently.


We place our pre cast ramps on a formed concrete base and then power float an  RC 40 - 50 concrete skate surface right up to the toe of the ramp which ensures that the surfaces are consistently smooth and of the same material. There is a perfect ride out to the skate surface without ridges or metallic spacers.
We are the only company that installs castings this way.


If you would like any more details about this method of construction please contact us.


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