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concrete table tennis table
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Climbing BOULDERS - for professional climbers and adventurous kids

Our bespoke boulders can be made to any size and shape.  We also have a great range of play boulders.  Climbing nets and slides can be added to the boulders.


Free-standing, artificial climbing boulders have been part of our product range for over 40 years. During this time we have been, and remain, the undisputed market leader in terms of aesthetics, function, quality & durability and our installations are a common sight in open access parks, schools, playgrounds and activity centres up and down the country. See our Gallery.

Why not just put in a piece of rock?  Our designs are done by expert climbers to optimise the climbing routes available.  In one rock you can have challenges for the serious climber alongside easy play routes for children.  On larger play boulders, we  make the way up much harder than the way down.  The kids are at the top because they want to be there not because they are waiting for a parental rescue service!


Our climbing boulders can provide adventurous fun and athletic challenges for all ages and abilities, including:

  • Young Children
  • New Climbers
  • Outdoor Activity Groups
  • Experienced Rock Athletes

Not only do artificial boulders offer a realistic climbing experience, they also provide a natural rock sculpture to complement the surrounding area.

See Gallery For More Boulders


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