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concrete table tennis table
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Climbing Walls

Our 3D Freeform system is the most authentic recreation of a natural rock face available for indoor climbing walls. The added realism allows for not only a stunning visual aspect but also a more authentic climbing experience.


The climbing surface is manufactured from glass-reinforced-polymers with a rock texture coating which is supported on a robust structural steel framework.  Please see our gallery for examples

3D Freeform - Key Points:

  • Stunning realistic indoor rock faces can be crafted from this system
  • Any shape can be created and any rock type or theme can be replicated
  • A more technical style of climbing is promoted on fully featured routes
  • Different degrees of featuring are available depending on the target user
  • Can be included as an element of a 3D Quartz climbing wall to add interest


A high level of realistic featuring can be incorporated into the climbing wall enabling a more natural style of climbing solely on built-in features. This is particularly suitable and inspiring for beginner to intermediate level climbers. Climbable featured routes could include:


Crack Lines

  • Pocket Lines
  • Flake Systems
  • Tufa Systems
  • Chimneys
  • Combinations of the above features

Also available with a subtler level of featuring, this system also allows for a climbing wall with challenges at all ability levels; the slight features complementing bolt-on hold based routes, providing an extra technical aspect to the climbing.


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