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concrete table tennis table
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Types of Ramps and Blocks



Flat area of smooth concrete for practice area and space to set up for tricks and features




Flat area of smooth concrete at the top of ramps, bowls and flat banks where tricks are landed.  Not a place to hang out and sit.


Transition:  A curved ramp.  These are typically around 2.4m radius and vary in height between 1m and 1.8m in a typical slatepark.

For descriptions of tricks see Tricks!


Flat Bank:  A Slope down from the platform.  The slope can vary but is typically between 15 and 25 degrees depending on how fast a ride is desired.  Heights vary but a toe is required which transitions the flat to the horizontal skate surface below to avoid the skateboard slamming.


Fun Box


One side is transition, the other a flat bank with a short platform between




Box, made to emulated pier supports of handrails alongside steps




Back to back ramps, usually with a double cope rail between them



Pier 7


Square block by stairsimmitation of famous street spot in LA,



Stair Sets


Set of steps!  Skaters jump these and the number of steps jumped is a source of pride...


China Bank


Steep but low flat bank designed for skating along rather than down.


Love Seat


Obstacle to jump within a ramp.



Street skateboarding: skating on streets, curbs, benches, steps, handrails and other elements of urban and suburban landscapes.


Anything that emulates a perfect "street" environment.  Concrete banks, embankments around bridges


Also ramps, rails, boxes and other man-made obstacles especially in competition are now referred to as street because they simply



Bust: A street skateboarding spot where you are likely to be kicked out by security or police.


Vert skateboarding: skating on ramps and other vertical structures like empty bowl-shaped swimming pools and occasionally storm drains and such.


Half-pipe: a U-shaped ramp of any size, usually with a flat section between the opposing transitions.


Vert ramp: a transition ramp, usually at least 8 feet tall, with steep sides that are perfectly vertical near the top.


Mini ramp: usually a half pipe that is shorter than the rider; most mini ramps are not tall enough for the transition to reach vertical.


Mega Ramp: a very big ramp, Usually for vert.


Quarter pipe: a single ramp transitioning from horizontal to any obtuse angle up to vert.


Bowl: Originally skaters used empty in-ground pools to skate and anything that is enclosed on all sides is referred to as a bowl. As with a half pipe, a bowl is better with a flat bottom between the transitions.  Other features may be present in a bowl.


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