concrete table tennis table
concrete table tennis table
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Outdoor Concrete Table School Table Tennis

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables are a great way to create more fun in a park at a very low cost. They are built in the UK and are designed to be suitable in all our climates.  Particularly designed to be situated in a public open space, making them great for local authorities as well as schools, universities, golf clubs, pubs and caravan parks.


Kids will be lining up to have fun playing table tennis during their lunch break!   Get more kids active with break time play.   Nothing to set up or clear away!   Easy entry : Bats can be bought from as little as £1.50  in mainstream shops.  


Concrete Table Tennis Table Outdoor Table Tennis




  • Our permanent outdoor tables are vandal resistant
  • Concrete tables are too heavy to  lift manually
  • Concrete stays flat - they don't warp  and bend like steel tables
  • Our outdoor tables are strong and don't snap like thinner ones
Round Base Table Tennis Table Round Base Table Tennis Tables



  • The concrete top is protected  with a sealer to make graffiti removal easy
  • Corners can be rounded
  • Your choice of steel or concrete net.
  • You can't bend the net - it's 6mm solid steel!
  • The net is galvanised steel or concrete, either way there is no rust


   In short our tables are virtually maintenance free.

Reduced height table for Key Stage 1 Key Stage 1 Table Tennis Table

Our tables are normally regulation height of 710mm, however this can be a little high for some of our smallest players.  For Key Stage 1 pupils we can supply shorter legs to put the playing surface at a just the right height for younger players.  The table top stays the same size!

Outdoor concrete sports table tennis Blue Table Tennis Table

Tables can be providing in bespoke colours - just let us know the RAL colour you wish to achieve.

Outdoor table tennis Concrete Table Tennis for Schoools

Access difficulties can be over come with planning ahead of delivery.  Ring us if you need some advice on access.

Outdoor table tennis Camille Walala

The Now Gallery on the Greenwich Peninsula commissioned artist Camille Walala to paint two of our tables.  Take some bats and balls next time you visit the O2!   Never a dull moment on these tables!



Concrete Table Tennis Outdoor Table Tennis Fun

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables


Tables to the ITT International Competition Size for more information on size see Dimensions


We cast our tables with colour pigment in the concrete.  We recommend Red or Green as these blend well in most outdoor and park environments.   We do a wide range of bespoke concrete colours. We can also supply the table tennis table painted or plain grey.  Painted looks great but it does need to be repainted occassionally.


We make the net from stainless steel or galvanised steel. Neither rust or require any maintenance.  At 6mm thick it can not be bent by hand.


Surrounding surface area could be simply grassed, protected with play safety mats or tarmac, depending on expected useage levels.


We offer you a wide range of exclusive tables at affordable prices.  We believe it is the strongest table available in the UK.  We also make medium weight tables for domestic use. 


Our factory is in Manchester.  This table is designed and built in the UK. See our pricing here. We can also make bespoke precast concrete to your specification.  We recently displayed the tables at Saltex


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative solutions.  Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our qualified staff look forward to working with you.

Concrete Table Tennis Tables

round base table tennis table on artificial grass Artificial Grass Playing surface

Round Base Design with Concrete style Net.


We make out concrete tables in the UK, so we can make your table to suit you!  


Choose your net, your leg, your colour.


We can even cast your school name into the concrete leg.  


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We design and manufacture all our tables in the UK

Most people who contact us do so by phone!  


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