concrete table tennis table
concrete table tennis table
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Coloured Tables

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Our Standard range is Grey, Red or Green but why stop there?  We have two main ways of colouring our concrete:

Concrete Surface Colours

Our surface colour penetrates the top layer and weatherproofs the table and protects it against graffiti. It is available in several colours which can be much deeper than the integral concrete colours. They can also be applied to give a less intense version of the colour. It soaks into the surface of the concrete and cannot be removed like a paint which can eventually peel off!

Integral colour for table tennis table Concrete colours for Table Tennis Tables

Integral Concrete ColoursThe integral concrete colours are UV stable. As standard we offer Red and Green however there are a large number of colours available. Here are some of the standard integral concrete colours you can choose from. These are muted matt colours that are permanently incorporated into the concrete.


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