concrete table tennis table
concrete table tennis table
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Concrete Table Tennis Tables with Base

and Standard Net


The cheapest table is our standard plain grey concrete table tennis table.


Painted tables and coloured concrete are extra and prices do vary with colours.


Delivery costs depend on how easy it is to access your site and distance from our factory in Manchester.


With all these variables in mind, please ring one of our friendly staff to get a personalised quote.




Delivery and Installation


This really depends on where the table is to go and how good the access is.  


Please ring us for a quote.   



Optional Extras


Rounded Corners - now come as standard!


Personalised Net   





Minimum 3m width access required for hiab delivery lorry


Flat ground required for installation - grass or solid base


All prices exclude VAT


All prices valid for 30 days


Delivery and installation cost will be reduced if we are already delivering in your area.


Table delivered in one piece


Table top in one section


Galvanised steel net or concrete net


The approx weight  of a concrete table tennis table is 1.2 tonnes or 1200kg




Tame Street


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We design and manufacture all our tables in the UK

Most people who contact us do so by phone!  


Call now:  01235 534 359

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