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concrete table tennis table
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Playcrete's Guide to Skate Terms


Are you new to this?  There you are helping the kids get funding for their new skatepark and they roll their eyes when you can't figure out what makes a skateboarding trick fakie instead of switch?  Below are some terms and slang you may need during the consultation period!


 For more details on the different ramps and features   or  and for more details of tricks

Types of Skateboarding


Street skating:

Skating on streets, curbs, benches, handrails and other elements of urban and suburban landscapes.


Vert skating:

Skating on curved ramps that go up to teh vertical and other vertical structures specifically designed for skating.


Half  pipe: 

A U-shaped ramp of any size, usually with a flat section in the middle.  These are typically 1.5m high (5 Foot)

Vert ramp

A half-pipe, usually at least 8 feet tall, with steep sides that are perfectly vertical near the top.



See more in tricks (these are the stunts)  or for desciptions of the ramps and features


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