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Climbing Walls - Traversing Walls

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Traversing walls are an ideal climbing solution for schools & playgrounds, private homes, or anywhere with active children. Their relatively low cost and minimal space requirements are attractive where budgets are limited. They are primarily aimed at youngsters, but have the capability to cater for all ages and abilities.


Traversing is essentially climbing sideways at a low level and it follows that at this lower height, there is a reduced level of risk and a lesser requirement for equipment and supervision. These walls are exceptionally popular with young people, offering a fun exercise option. They increase a child's flexibility, spatial awareness and strength, whilst introducing them to an adventurous challenge.

Outdoor Traversing Walls


In an outdoor environment (such as a playground) a traversing wall is a great use of otherwise wasted space. The climbing surface would consist of a matrix of fixing points for our bolt-on holds (climbing grips) to be attached to.


Typically we would arrange the holds into 3 colour coded routes of varying difficulty with a number of fixing points remaining free for re-arranging or adding further hand holds.


By keeping the lower foot holds less than 600mm from the ground you can keep your users safe without the need for special safety surfacing.


In addition to the climbing holds, we can also add a painted theme to liven up the area. Furthermore, this type of wall is also available as a self-build kit.


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